Thursday, November 8, 2007

Project update

I have two days left officially (today and tomorrow) to complete the project in this post. I will be unable to use all of tomorrow for this project because I had something come up unexpectedly. I will be working so very hard on my guest bedroom today and see if I can complete my task. I received a few great ideas on frugal and/or free containers and I'll need to see how I can incorporate those into my organization project. These pictures show how far I have gotten.

This desk can now be seen! Yay! I also use this table for my sewing machines and so now my laptop can easily be folded up and set on top of my printer to allow for room for my sewing to happen.

What is that you are murmuring to yourselves? ("Okay, she said she made progress, but that bed looks absolutely messy! She's gone bats!") Actually those are items that I have not thrown away that need to be filed, sorted, moved up stairs, or some such action. I actually have made these into piles, but I will need to show that picture later.

Thanks for checking up on my progress!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Frugal Organizers - Works for me Wednesday

Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer hosts WFMW every week and I sure can learn a lot from all of y'all out there who post what really does work for you. This week she has a new twist on it: instead of posting what works for you, ask a question and see what works for others! Tell me y'all, is that not a great idea?
My question is this: What kind of cheap, inexpensive, or free, items do you use to organize "stuff." I love containers, they are so nifty-keen, but goodness, if I bought as many as I needed to organize my home, I'd have to sell all of the stuff I'd put in them just to pay for them. Please ladies, help a girl out here and give her some of your sage wisdom. (And yes, I already know about Freecycle).
Trying to be frugally organized,

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

First Post - Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Perhaps it is tacky to start a blog's new life by joining in a meme of sorts, but I honestly could think of no better way to delve into the meaning of Frugally Organized. If you read my header, you can see that I am on a new journey into becoming organized, frugally. Containers are neat and handy to have, but oh so expensive. How can I do it without breaking the bank? Visit often and learn with me!

Here is my first Tackle it Tuesday, and also the most embarrassing room of my home, my sewing/craft/guest room:

The guest bed: magnet for all things needing to be fixed by Mommy, coloring books, and stuff thrown there when dinner guests drop by.

Craft/Sewing closet. One big disaster. Enough said.

Sewing Machine Table/Computer Desk.

This is a project that overwhelms me so much that I want to crawl into my bed and sleep till it is covered over by so much dust that is will become a rare artform and will be displayed by the Smithsonian for years to come. Or, I will face my fears and dig in, so to speak. I give this project 4 days to be completed. Come back next Tackle it Tuesday to see if I have accomplished my goal!