Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Frugal Organizers - Works for me Wednesday

Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer hosts WFMW every week and I sure can learn a lot from all of y'all out there who post what really does work for you. This week she has a new twist on it: instead of posting what works for you, ask a question and see what works for others! Tell me y'all, is that not a great idea?
My question is this: What kind of cheap, inexpensive, or free, items do you use to organize "stuff." I love containers, they are so nifty-keen, but goodness, if I bought as many as I needed to organize my home, I'd have to sell all of the stuff I'd put in them just to pay for them. Please ladies, help a girl out here and give her some of your sage wisdom. (And yes, I already know about Freecycle).
Trying to be frugally organized,


Maggie said...

Can you find something someone else does not need. Like gallon plastic pickle jars or plastic buckets from a bakery? Some business throw out really cool containers. Many places dont care if you take their discards. Tomato boxes ( if clean) and other reinforced boxes are handy.

Becoming Frugally Organized, Kelly said...

Maggie, that is a great idea! I'll need to check some local stores out and see if I can become the new owner of their discards. :-) Thanks for visiting my blog.

Amy said...

I could spend a fortune on little organzing containers-- just ask my DH!

Some of the best free ones I've come up with are: diaper boxes (they stack neatly since they're all the same size), the large round containers from foods like oatmeal, and ziplock baggies. You can get those baggies in any size from 2 gallon- big enough to hold 12x12 scrapbook pages (my favorite) down to those tiny snack size.

And if you really like containers, are you familiar with You'd probably love her blog. :)

Infinity Goods said...

I love ziplock baggies. I also reuse glass jars especially from manufacturers who use the Mason jars. They're see through, food safe, don't crush/collapse, come in several sizes, and can make nice displays with a bit of creativity. For temporary storage that will eventually get tossed, I reuse clean cardboard cartons from items bought in bulk, but cardboard does not work well for long-term storage because of mice or for plain-sight storage because of course it's pretty ugly and tacky. For tiny, easily lost items, I like baby food jars.

SAHMmy Says said...

I can always find great containers at Dollar Tree. I've bought wire mesh baskets that organize my utensil drawers, colorful bins for the kiddos' toys, and laundry baskets that hold recyclables in the garage. I use divided shower caddies I picked up there for my makeup and my husband's toiletries and some divided Rubbermaid (yep, still only $1) containers with lids that hold screws, batteries, etc. in my laundry room.